Mike began his love for music at a young age thanks in part to his Grandmother. Despite never taking formal lessons, except for the four years in band playing brass instruments, he has been teaching himself to play instruments most of his life. He considers himself to be a jack of all trades and master of none. Since joining the group in 2008 he has found a new enjoyment for world music and ethnic instruments.

On a special note, he considers all the members of TE to be part of his family.
Rae Justrae or as some others call him – Kevin Perkins, is a diverse individual with many interests. Outside of drumming he works with computers and investigates anything that attracts his attention – from Renaissance Faires to woodworking, from history to languages. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, reading and Rat Pucking. He has always enjoyed music and the arts. Rae’s first career centered on music but after he figured out that the lifestyle was dangerous for one who wanted to live past 30, he found his calling in computer programming. Currently, he stays on top of the music scene via concerts, websites and Pandora.com. One night sitting around a campfire, Rae was reintroduced to drumming. He hasn’t been able to put it down since. Joining Element has increased his ability and brought wonderful new people and experiences into his life. Through his love of working in wood and music, he is constantly looking for instruments he can create and play.

Rae continues his computer programming but has balanced it with his love for the art of woodcraft and music. Look for him at www.anarquewood.etsy.com or at a local Renaissance Festival.
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Ron Perovich is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist and independent recording artist currently living near Dallas, Texas. His musical style is often a fusion of traditional instrumental sounds from the middle east, Europe and India along with occasional western pop, rock and electronica. In 2007 he began creating music for the American belly dance community and much of his recent recordings have reflected this concentration.

Although he frequently guests with Element and other performers for live performances or as a session artist he does not actively tour in support of his own albums due to all instruments usually being played by himself on the recordings.
Daka, also known as Mark in his everyday life, has a fascination with culture, language, spirituality, and folklore. Always driven by an inherent desire to wonder, and seeking a method of uniting the body and mind. With his passion for music, dance, theater, and costume, he discovered ATS and fulfilled this wish. He has experience in fire fan choreography, ATS with tambourine, as well as tribal drumming and musicality. He developed such a passion for tribal drumming that he founded a new DFW drum group, the Temple of Doum. He also takes great joy in inviting other men to join the ATS siblinghood, representing an art form that empowers both men and women to embrace their higher selves and to have confidence in all they do.
Davin has been playing Doumbek since 2015, and loves being a part of a community that allows him to express himself so freely.

Alongside drumming, Davin is a skilled painter and sketch artist, and loves all things botany (he really has a green thumb!). Davin looks forward to all the opportunities the TE family creates together.