Having never taken a dance class before, Athena is a pure tribal belly dancer! Dancing has been a real boost for her self-esteem. She loves being active, and always learning something new.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her dog, gardening, sewing, cooking, being creative, shopping and dining with friends, trail biking and enjoying the outdoors!
Kae N. O'Claire found belly dance through a good faire friend. That friend then led her to Tribal Evolution and she has been hooked ever since. The group is a place to express her femininity in a unique and kinetic format. Dance takes her away from her hectic life of the mundane world where she shapes young minds and helps with the family business. Growing up in Montana with a side trip to the Pacific, she has a love of travel and culture. She hopes to visit the cultural regions this art form comes from and learn more about the people and their history.

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